Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks Founder: America's Facebook Hacked

Following the release of over a quarter-million State Department secret emails and messages, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reveals the organization's next ploy. "We've hacked America's Facebook page and we're to release it to the public," he stated early Monday in Rotterdam. "Not just messages; friend requests, pending and ignored; secret events attended; and Farmville holdings, to name a few." Assange states that many Americans are unaware of secret Farmville sites where digitized animals are raised for slaughter and digital armies conduct "massive, multi-million soldier operations."

The hacked information is startling. Detailed logs show that the Obama administration several times nearly changed its 'Political Views' from 'Democratic Republic' to 'Socialist', but "America never hit 'enter' on the keyboard." Pending friend requests from Pakistan, Taiwan, and Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, among those of 43 other countries and heads of state, speak volumes on the current state of American diplomatic relations.

Between March 15th and April 21st of 2010, it has been revealed that over 100 messages sent to North Korea were never replied to, which explains better the April 23rd wallpost by North Korea: "8=====D". As tensions between the two countries have grown between the states, their results have been fleshed out all over the social networking site. The United States is shown later to have untagged themselves when North Korea wrote a note on nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula and how it stands vis-a-vis terrorist distribution networks. The June 3rd note reads: "People like @United States don't furry [sic] understand the implications of our situation at Yongbyon and other sites. People like @al-Qaeda do." The US has reported abuse, but the internet abuse department at Facebook, headed by Ban-Ki Moon, has failed to take action.

Assange does wish to point out a lighter side to the new leaks: "There is an interesting set of positive, friendly relations that the US keeps secret. One, a poking frenzy between Sweden, whose profile picture of Princess Madeleine has been clicked an estimated 800 times. Two, a hidden relationship with Turkey." Analysts believe that the latter relationship is purely a matter of late November euphoria.

- J. Moulton